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kibitzer n : (Yiddish) a meddler who offers unwanted advice to others

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From , from קיבוץ (kibbutz), a gathering.


  1. A settler at a kibbutz.
  2. Agent noun of kibitz; a person who offers unrequested criticism; one who kibitzes.
    Did I ask you what you thought about my card hand, you kibitzer!

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A kibitzer is a non-participant who hangs around a game, especially a chess match, offering advice or commentary. Many kibitzers go on to become champions. There is a 1930 film called The Kibitzer which is based on the 1929 three-act comedy play by the same name.


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Dutch uncle, Paul Pry, Polonius, TV-viewer, admonisher, adviser, backseat driver, beholder, bird-watcher, busybody, butt-in, buttinsky, bystander, confidant, consultant, counsel, counselor, drugstore cowboy, expert, eyewitness, gaper, gazer, gazer-on, girl-watcher, goggler, guide, instructor, intermeddler, looker, looker-on, meddler, mentor, monitor, nestor, observer, ogler, onlooker, orienter, perceiver, percipient, pragmatist, preceptist, prier, pry, quidnunc, rubberneck, seer, sidewalk superintendent, snoop, snooper, spectator, spectatress, spectatrix, teacher, televiewer, television-viewer, video-gazer, viewer, watcher, witness, yenta
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